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Things To Look Out for When Choosing Bed Linens for Your Hotel

In the hotel industry, the finer points count. Particularly when discussing linens. After a hard day, your consumers anticipate returning to a cozy bed. Of course, you also want to make sensible financial choices for your company and provide a better night’s sleep.

It helps to know how bed linens are made to achieve that. After that, you will know what qualities to seek and what to avoid when choosing long-lasting linens for your hotel. Let us examine things to think about if you want to provide a luxurious sleeping environment.

Thread Count

It may surprise you to learn that nicer sheets sometimes equal more threads. Yes, it is accurate.  The amount of horizontal and vertical threads in a square inch of cloth is represented by the thread count. A sheet’s softness and durability often improve with thread count, but only to a certain extent. The permeability and cooling properties that many visitors want in their bedding are absent from sheets with a higher thread count because of their tighter weave.

“Some manufacturers boost their numbers by counting plies, or the very thin yarns that make up the thread,” claims Consumer Reports. Therefore, although thread count is still important to consider when choosing bedding for your hotel, it should not be your only consideration.

Qualitative Evaluation

An assessment of a sheet’s quality must consider the method of weaving. Weft and warp threads are woven together to create the sheet’s real fabric. Whereas weft threads run width wise, warp threads run longitudinally.

Many producers will experiment with the warp and weft of multi-ply thread to produce a sheet with a greater thread count. This often results in the sheets’ overall quality and durability declining. It may only seem like a little once the sheets have been washed a few times. After that, the sheets begin to deteriorate and need to be changed. Choose the best hotel bed linen supplier Delhi.


Even better, collaborate with a linen supplier that can create bespoke linens to suit the specific requirements of your hotel. Receiving complaints from visitors over their fitted sheets coming off the corners of the bed is the last thing you want to happen. Perhaps the fact that the sheets are moving around makes cleaning take longer to clean each room.

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